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McKenzie Method

About McKenzie Method

McKenzie Method is a technique used by chiropractors and/or physiotherapists that gives patients the skills, strategies and ability to control and manage pain, stiffness and discomfort coming from the musculoskeletal system (muscle and joint structures).

McKenzie techniques are all about giving patients the power through knowledge and skills to do things themselves. This ultimately means you will require less time at the chiropractor because you are doing things yourself to fix your problems.

What is McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method is a reliable assessment and treatment process for all musculoskeletal (spine, muscle and joints structures) problems. It can be used to help back pain, neck pain, slipped discs, shoulder, hip and knee problems as well as issues associated with sciatica, arthritis, muscle spasms and stiffness and tightness in muscles and joints.

McKenzie Method is an evidenced based technique. McKenzie Method has been well researched and validated.

With McKenzie Method you will go through rigorous assessment and treatment protocols that are safe and effective.

A step by step guide of McKenzie Method


McKenzie Method begins with a detailed history of your symptoms and how they behave. You will be asked to bend in certain directions and to recreate certain movements whilst your symptoms are monitored.

Assessment and classification

Your problem will be diagnosed and classified according to the way it responds to your assessment. McKenzie Method has a comprehensive classification system.


Following your assessment and classification the most appropriate Mckenzie Method treatment is delivered. You symptoms are monitored and exercises are given to continue your treatment at home.


Once your initial problem is treated. Exercises are continued to help prevent the reoccurrence of your injury (back pain etc.)

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