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Sports chiropractor – Balmain & Rozelle, Sydney

Sports chiropractic is a specialised branch of chiropractic that deals with sports related injuries. Sport chiropractors treat injuries that require sports specific knowledge. The needs of athletes differ from that of the general population, and while minor injury and aches and pains can be treated very successfully by most chiropractors, athletes with complex needs should be looked after by a sports chiropractor.

Sports injuries differ from the common injuries that people get working and going about their lives. When you consider the high forces and strain that athletes place on their bodies through both training and competition its little wonder why they require a chiropractor with advanced knowledge of sports injuries, training, recovery, treatments and prevention. Sports chiropractors have advanced knowledge in these areas.

Our Sydney sports chiropractors have advance training in sports chiropractic through the American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians (ABCSP). The ABCSP is the most prestigious and internationally recognised sports chiropractic body in the world.

Sport chiropractors have also been called sport and exercise chiropractors and this title appears to be gaining more and more momentum. Sports chiropractors treat a wide range of spine, sports, muscle and joint injuries from a wide range of patient populations, including:

  • Child/adolescent athletes
  • Teen athletes
  • Adult athletes
  • Elderly athletes

Sport chiropractors treat a range of athletes will varying skill levels such as:

  • Active people not playing competitive sport
  • Novice athletes
  • Intermediate athletes
  • Professional athletes
  • Elite athletes
  • Weekend worrier athletes

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) our Sydney sport chiropractors are passionate about sports chiropractic and getting you pain free and back to playing sport and living your active life. Our sport chiropractors use evidence based clinical practice with the diagnosis and treatment of all our sport injuries. Our sport injuries treatment protocols are based on the very latest national and international guidelines to ensure your recovery and return to sports participation is a speedy as humanly possible.

Our Sydney sports chiropractors treat a wide range of conditions, for more information read through the condition most relevant to you.