Privacy Policy

Privacy is very important to the chiropractors and physiotherapists at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C). The following describes how we comply with Australia privacy requirements.

Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) services the Inner West suburbs of Balmain and Rozelle, Sydney. Our system that meets the Australian privacy requirement includes.

  • Our chiropractors and physiotherapists are committed to comply with privacy requirements
  • Our chiropractors and physiotherapists have formulated this policy and a plan to ensure privacy
  • Our chiropractors and physiotherapists use systems that secure the privacy of patients and users
  • The individuals who write privacy system are a chiropractor, physiotherapist or both.

Collection of personal information

You will know when we collect personal data through the forms you fill out on the website. This
includes a pre-consultation form or personal message. These forms contain information pertaining to
your particulars, health status and condition of concern in acute to diffuse detail.

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists will use this information when you contact us or send us your
pre-consultation forms. At times others may be authorised to contact us on your behalf and this
information may also be stored.

These records are related to your health and our professional commitment to your health, and as such
will be retained and sorted in compliance with Australian health regulations.

When we use and disclosure of personal information, in addition to compliance with laws and privacy
requirements, we comply with applicable laws, including those related to the chiropractic and
physiotherapy professions under the regulatory body of Australian Health Practitioners Regulation
Agency (AHPRA).

Through our internet site, we may or may not gather other information through technology and tools
that alert our chiropractors and physiotherapists when a computer or piece of communication
technology has access, visited or copied our content. Search engine optimisation is a component of
what this external information is collected and reviewed for.

The use of your personal information

The use of your personal information is solely to record your aforementioned details and provide the
best chiropractic and physiotherapist services we can, with particular emphasis comprehensive, safe,
ethical, effective and reliable chiropractic and physiotherapy services. Our chiropractors and
physiotherapists may or may not use your email address to provide information on and communication
of personal and community based health promotion stratagem periodically. At your request we will
remove and delete your email address from this emailing lists.

Storage and dissemination of personal information

Your privacy matters to our chiropractors and physiotherapist most. All personal information is stored
and used with the scope and spectra of state and national health regulations and law.

For more information on our privacy

There are numerous ways to contact our Balmain and Rozelle chiropractors and physiotherapists in
relation to privacy. Please use our contact page, email us or phone us. You may also book an appointment online.