Chiropractor Back Pain Treatment Balmain & Rozelle

Chiropractic excellence

The highest standards in chiropractic with a personalised touch for your specific needs.

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focuses on non-surgical treatment of muscle, spine and joint injuries, conditions and pain related problems. Our highly qualified and skilled Balmain chiropractors diagnose, treat, prevent and fix pain and injuries using gentle and safe evidence-based chiropractic techniques.

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McKenzie Institute certified

The gold standard in the diagnosis and treatment of spine, muscle and joint problems.

McKenzie Method offers the gold standard in the diagnosis and treatment of spine, muscle and joint problems. To become McKenzie certified, a chiropractor or physiotherapist must undertake advanced training, education and rigorous examination. Finding a McKenzie certified practitioner may be your first step to finding relief.

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Chiropractor Low Back Pain Treatment Balmain & Rozelle

Muscle and joint pain

Our Balmain chiro’s people their movement back, by fixing muscle and joint problems.

Muscle and joint pain can affect people of all ages and be an early symptom of illness, injury or other medical condition. When in pain, it is important to manage and treat your muscles and joints every step of the way. Our chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments can fix muscle and joint pain to get you moving and pain free.

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Fast Back Pain Treatment Balmain Chiropractor Chris Knee

About Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C)


Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) is a chiropractic centre of excellence servicing the Inner West suburbs of Balmain & Rozelle, Sydney. Our Balmain chiro’s diagnose, treat, prevent and manage disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Our chiropractors treat spine, sports, muscle and joint injuries – including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, pinched nerves, slipped discs and sports and spine injuries, problems and conditions. Visit our Balmain chiro’s today.

Genuine Care. Honest Advice. High Quality Treatments.

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C), our philosophy and practice rests on a model of comprehensive and effective care. To treat our patients with the highest quality of care, our chiropractors use the most effective evidence-based techniques and methods. We treat every patient as an individual. There is no blanket procedure for everyone. We take the time needed with each patient to understand their situation and deliver the correct treatment to get the best results.

Why See Us

Fast Back Neck Treatment Balmain Chiropractor Chris Knee

5 tips for choosing a chiropractor

Finding the right chiropractor or physiotherapist to treat your pain is important. Your health is in their hands, so when deciding on a clinician there are a few best practice principles that you should look out for. This is a list of the top 5 things our Balmain and Rozelle chiropractors at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) would look out for when choosing a chiropractor:

1. Patient-centred approach:
they treat with a patient-centred approach and put the patient first
2. Evidence-based treatment:
they utilise evidence-based practice when treating patients
3. Self-management strategies:
they provide self-management exercises and strategies, along with education to guide their patients on the best way to become pain-free
4. General lifestyle approach:
they encourage movement, exercise and a positive and healthy lifestyle
5. Credentials:
they are highly skilled, qualified and trained with great credentials.

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Why you should see us

First and only qualified McKenzie Method chiropractor in Australia

Chris Knee of Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) is the first and only chiropractor in Australia with McKenzie Method credentials. The McKenzie Method is a proven internationally acclaimed method of assessment and treatment for spinal and extremity pain. It is a gold standard in chiropractic care.

Longer appointment times for more effective results

In the chiropractic profession, some chiropractors see patients and perform adjustments in only a few minutes. At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C), we treat a little differently – from your first visit you can expect an unrushed 20-30 minute appointment. The benefits of our longer appointments are to learn more about your condition, find the exact cause of your pain and develop a treatment plan that’s tailored to you.

Safe and gentle evidence-based treatments

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists use evidence-based practice to treat all muscle, joint, back, neck and spine related problems, conditions or injuries. This means each treatment you receive from our chiropractors and physiotherapists is supported by the latest evidence and research.

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Balmain Chiropractic Centre

The chiropractic division of Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) Balmain, now has its own dedicated website and is called Balmain Chiropractic Centre. Our chiropractors are dedicated to offering the very best in chiropractic with safe, gentle and effective chiropractic treatments.


Balmain Sports Chiropractic

Balmain Sports Chiropractic was started by Chris Knee with the aim to give people genuine care and the best possible sports chiropractic treatments for spine, muscle and joint problems. Visit our sports chiro specific website for helpful tips and information.