About us


Chris Knee

Chris Knee is the owner and director of Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C). He is a qualified and highly skilled chiropractor.

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Martin Frutiger

Martin is a passionate chiropractor at Sydney Spine & Sports (S3C). He treats using the latest evidence-based treatments.

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What we do

We use evidence-based chiropractic techniques to treat and manage spine, muscle and joint injuries and conditions.

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how we think

How we think

From ongoing education and research to our credentials and treatment techniques, find out how we treat and manage pain.

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why choose S3C

Why choose S3C

We follow a set of best practice principles to ensure a high standard in treatment, service and patient-centred care.

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What we treat

What we treat

Using the latest evidence-based practice, we treat a range of muscle, joint and spine related pain, injuries and conditions.

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