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Foot drop

Foot drop is a condition or term that is used to describe an inability to dorsiflex or extend the foot (point up). Because of this, when a person has foot drop their foot tends to slap the ground as they walk. This can lead to clumsiness when walking and the tendency to trip.

Foot drop is caused by a nerve problem. The nerve may be located in the low back or in the leg. When the nerve loses its ability to conduct a signal to muscles, muscle weakness results. Without a strong shin muscle, the foot cannot work properly – hence foot drop.


The symptoms of foot drop are what the name suggests. Foot drop occurs when there is an inability to lift the foot (toes pointing to the sky). Depending on the underlying cause there will typically be symptoms associated with this. A common cause is a herniated disc causing nerve compression in the low back. Thus, low back pain could be associated with this.


The treatment of foot drop depends on the underlying cause. In some cases urgent medical and surgical treatments are necessary. In other cases, rehabilitation by a chiropractor or physiotherapy is needed. Speak to your healthcare provider for more information about foot drop.

Causes of low back pain

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