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Low back degenerative disc disease

Having good spinal function is integral in daily living and health and wellness. Degenerative disc disease sounds like a vicious and troubling disease however it is not a disease at all. It’s simply a collective term that describes natural and typical ageing of the spine. Our spine is made up of interlocking bones with shock absorbers in between them. We call these shock absorbers intervertebral discs (discs). Over time, with years of ageing and recreational and sporting activities this can all add up and lead to some wear and tear of these discs and eventually they may start to degenerate (get a bit worn).


The location of degenerative disc disease will determine what the symptoms are. Symptoms can range from nothing at all to marked low back pain.


The treatment of degenerative disc disease is determined by its location, nature and severity. Obviously the more severe, the more treatment may be necessary. Please contact one of our sports chiropractors or physiotherapists for more information.

Causes of low back pain

The following conditions are some causes of low back pain.