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Low back discogenic pain

Discogenic back pain infers that the source of pain is an intervertebral disc. Some studies suggest this accounts for approximately 40% of all back pain. Pain fibres within the disc are thought to be activated by sites of injury, inflammation and degeneration.


Discogenic low back pain typically causes central low back pain. Pain is exacerbated through postures and activities that increase the pressure within the disc. This includes postures such as sitting, bending forward, coughing, sneezing and going to the toilet. There can be radiating pain into the buttock and leg. Discogenic pain occurs in combination with other injuries such as disc herniation (which is a disc injury). When this occurs there may also be symptoms associated with the disc herniation. Please read more on disc herniation here.


The treatment for discogenic pain in the low back is dependent on many factors. This includes the location, nature and severity of the discogenic pain. If there are associated injury features such as disc herniation this may also change the treatment approach. Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments are valuable in the treatment of low back discogenic pain.

Other causes of low back pain

The following conditions are some causes of low back pain.