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Lumbar facet joint pain

Facet joints are the parts of the spine that connect and join the vertebrae together. Facet joints support the spine and allow motion and stability. Facet joints can become injured and be a source of low back pain. Facet joint disorders are common and can be caused by degeneration (arthritis), traumatic injuries, sports injuries or overuse conditions.


Low back pain is common and may be made worse with certain positions of the spine such as bending backwards (extending). Facet joint pain is known as mechanical low back pain, this means certain movements may irritate while others may relieve pain.


The treatment for low back facet joint pain depends on many factors such as the location, nature and severity of the facet joint pain. If there are associated symptoms and features this may also change the treatment approach. Consult your sports chiropractor, physiotherapist or doctor for treatment options.

Other causes of low back pain

The following conditions are some other causes of low back pain.