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Red flags for low back pain

Red flags associated with low back pain are certain clinical features that require a chiropractor or physiotherapist to investigate the condition further or send for medical care. Red flags are of most value when multiple exist.

  1. New low back pain symptoms before the age of 20, or after the age of 55
  2. Widespread weaknesses or loss of sensation (more than one myotome or dermatome)
  3. Intractable or increasing low back pain
  4. Anything that suggests myelopathy and these include: slow onset,
    neurological symptoms, difficulty walking, weak hand or foot movement, loss of bowel bladder or bowel function.
  5. Any lower motor neuron signs
  6. Any symptoms that suggest cancer
  7. Pain that disturbs sleep
  8. History of cancer, AIDS, or infection
  9. Tenderness of low back vertebrae suggesting trauma or fracture
  10. History of violent trauma, before the low back pain
  11. Recent surgery of the low back
  12. Risk of osteoporosis (not exclusive to the low back)
  13. Vascular signs and symptoms such as dizziness, black outs and drop attacks.

We have reworded some of the above red flags for ease of reading and understanding.

Causes of low back pain

The following conditions are common causes of low back pain.