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Lumbar (low back) osteoarthritis

Lumbar osteoarthritis is also called low back arthritis or lumbar spondylosis. Low back osteoarthritis describes wear and tear of the low back. Everyone’s back ages and undergoes some wear and tear. This is a normal part of ageing and usually isn’t a major problem. Some people for a variety of reasons such as genetics, previous injuries and occupational factors will have accelerated wear and tear. This is low back osteoarthritis.


Common symptoms of low back osteoarthritis are low back pain and stiffness. Depending on the level of osteoarthritis, symptoms are variable. In advanced cases, symptoms may include numbness, weakness and sciatica type pain in the legs.


The treatment of low back osteoarthritis depends on many factors such as the extent, nature, severity of symptoms and the functional capacity of the individual. For more personalised information, please contact your chiropractor, physiotherapist or medical doctor.

Causes of low back pain

The following conditions are common causes of low back pain.