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Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis)

Reiter’s syndrome is also called reactive arthritis. Reactive arthritis causes pain and inflammation around the body, especially in the spine.e. It is thought to be triggered by a bacterial infection in the digestive or urinary tract.


The most common symptoms of Reiter’s Syndrome are pain and swelling in the joints of the spine, pelvis (sacroiliac joints), fingers, toes and feet. It is common for the iris of the eye to become inflamed (iritis) and patients to experience urethritis, which describes inflammation of the urethra. Skin rashes are common in the pelvic area and feet. The most common saying used to remember this clinical presentation is “I can’t see, wee or walk”


Medical treatment is necessary to alleviate the symptoms of Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis). Chiropractic and physiotherapy are useful in the rehabilitation process.

Causes of low back pain

The following conditions are common causes of low back pain.