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Thoracic (mid back) bone spurs

Thoracic (mid-back) bone spurs are also called thoracic osteophytes. Thoracic bone spurs can be small or large bone projections that develop around joints. Bone spurs develop where cartilage and ligaments attach to bones. When bone spurs are large, they can irritate nerves and grow into joint structures. This may cause mid back pain and discomfort.


Generally speaking, thoracic bone spurs will only be an issue if they irritate structures such as the spinal cord, nerves, muscles or joint structures. Because bone spurs generally develop with disc degeneration there may be associated symptoms from this process. Read more on disc degeneration here.


The treatment of thoracic (mid-back) bone spurs is dependent on many factors such as their location, size and severity of symptoms. Chiropractic and physiotherapy are useful in this condition.

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