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Thoracic disc protrusion

A disc protrusion is a type of disc herniation. A disc herniation describes the migration of disc material away from where it normally sits. This disc material can include the soft inner substance of a disc called the nucleus pulposis or other parts of the disc. For more information on disc protrusions read this article: intervertebral disc protrusion.


Disc protrusions in the thoracic spine are not as common as those in the neck (cervical spine) and the low back (lumbar spine). Disc protrusions are typically painful, made worse by sitting, coughing, sneezing and anything that increases intradiscal pressure (pressure in the disc). If the protruded material irritates or compresses a nerve it may cause numbness, tingling or muscle weakness.


The treatment of a thoracic disc protrusion depends on many factors including the location, nature and severity of symptoms. Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments are useful. Contact your chiropractor, physiotherapist or medical doctor for more information.

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