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Thoracic discogenic pain

Thoracic discogenic pain syndrome implies that an intervertebral disc(s) in the mid-back is a source of pain.

What is thoracic discogenic pain syndrome?

In discogenic pain syndrome, the intervertebral spinal disc is the source of the back pain. Typically, this is caused by tears and degenerative changes within the disc. Tears can be caused by many factors, such as repetitive heavy lifting with poor technique, excessive body weight (obesity) and older age. Tears can be small or large, singular or multiple. Even the shape of the tears will impact the severity of pain and dysfunction.


Back pain is the most common symptom that someone will have with thoracic discogenic pain syndrome.


The treatment of discogenic back pain depends on many factors. Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments are useful. Speak to your medical doctor

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