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Thoracic disc bulge

A disc bulge occurs when an intervertebral disc moves out from where it normally sits. Most of the disc bulges, just like a pillow if it was squashed a little. Disc bulging happens with age, wear and tear and a host of other factors such as previous back injuries. Bulging disc are not always a problem and are very common. For more information please read this article on disc bulging.


In general terms, a thoracic disc bulge does not cause pain. Most people have asymptomatic disc bulges in their back and do not know. Disc bulges are more common in the low back and neck however can occur in the mid and upper back. Disc bulges associated with degenerative discs may cause pain. If a disc bulge irritates a nerve this may also cause pain.


The treatment for a disc bulge depends on its location, nature and symptoms. Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments are useful.

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