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Thoracic spine stenosis

Thoracic spine stenosis describes the narrowing of the thoracic spinal canals (tunnels). The spinal canals are the passageways that neurological structures go through to exist the back to travel out into the body. There are three canals per spine joint. A central one for the spinal cord and two lateral (side) canals for spinal nerves.

How does thoracic spine stenosis arise?

Thoracic spine stenosis results from a progressive narrowing of the central spinal canal and the lateral recesses (side canals). It arises from a cascade of degenerative changes to several issues surrounding the canals. For more information on degeneration, read this technical article.

Symptoms and treatment

The symptoms and treatment of thoracic stenosis depend on many factors such as the location and degree of stenosis. For more information please read the following articles: