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Acute mid back pain

Acute mid back pain is defined pain lasting less than three months in the thoracic spine. Acute mid back pain is a vague term and can pertain to many anatomical structures; although, paraspinal muscle strains, spinal joint sprains and muscle spasms are common causes of acute mid back pain. Sometimes acute mid back pain is referred to as non-specific, or mechanical, thoracic pain. The vast majority of people will make a full recovery from acute mid back pain. If you’re experiencing ongoing mid back pain, seeing a chiropractor or physiotherapist to get a diagnosis and strategies to self-manage this condition should be your first step.


The symptoms of acute mid back pain can be variable. People can report pain that is sharp, dull, radiating or local. Stiffness and tightness after long workdays are a common complaint and this may be relieved by movement and exercising.


The treatment of acute mid back pain will depend on the cause or underlying issue. Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments can be useful.

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