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Intervertebral disc extrusion

A disc extrusion is a type of disc herniation. An extruded disc is defined as a local area of the disc material that has extended beyond where the disc usually sits. In a disc extrusion, more disc material is extending out of the disc space, than within it (greater width of material outside disc space). A subcategory of a disc extrusion is disc sequestration. Disc sequestration occurs when the end of the disc extrusion breaks off and is no longer in contact with the rest of the extruded disc material.


A disc extrusion will generally cause neck or back pain depending on its location. It may cause pain that radiates down the arm or leg (radicular pain). If the disc material compresses a spinal nerve, someone may experience muscle weakness and sensation changes in the arm or leg (radiculopathy).


Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment for an extruded disc in the neck or back is determined on a case by case basis. A unique treatment plan is developed for each person that takes into account the location, severity and symptoms of the disc extrusion. Please speak to one of our Inner West chiropractors or physiotherapists for more information.

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