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Intervertebral disc fissures

Disc (intervertebral disc) fissure is the term for a tear within a disc. Disc fissures occur as the body ages or are associated with injuries, infections and disease that affect the spine. Disc fissures can occur in different directions within the disc and may be acute or chronic. For technical information, please read our article on disc fissures.


Not all disc fissures are painful. When painful, disc fissures will cause pain at the level of the tear in the spine. In the neck, an intervertebral disc fissure may cause pain in the shoulder or arm, or the middle of the shoulder blades (interscapular region). In the low back, pain may refer to the buttock or down the leg.


The treatment for disc fissures is unique to each individual. Treatment will depend on the nature, severity, and location of the tear. Please contact one of our Balmain chiropractors or physiotherapists for more information.

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