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Intervertebral disc sequestration

Disc sequestration is a subcategory of disc extrusion. These are ‘types’ of disc herniations. Disc sequestration occurs when a portion of a disc extrusion breaks off and lodges in the spinal column. When a fragment breaks off the herniated disc, this is called a ‘free fragment’.


Typically disc sequestration will be associated with neck and back pain. A host of other neurological signs and symptoms is also likely, such as sensation changes and muscle weakness. It may cause bowel and bladder changes and incontinence and urinary retention (hard to urinate). This can cause lasting damage, and specialist medical care may be required.


Treatment of disc sequestration will depend on several factors such as the size, site, severity and associated neurological symptoms. For more information contact one of our Balmain or Haberfield chiropractors and physiotherapists.

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