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Intervertebral disc protrusion

A disc protrusion is a type of disc herniation. Disc herniation is a collective term that includes a disc protrusion and disc extrusion. A disc protrusion is described as a local or focal area of a disc (less than 25% of the disc) that has extended beyond where the disc usually sits.


Symptoms of a disc protrusion may include:

  • Local pain at the site of disc protrusion.
  • Radiating pain down the arm or leg.
  • Pain that is worse with sitting, lifting, and bending.
  • Pain that increases from a sitting to a standing position.
  • Constant pain made worse by certain movements.


Treatment of a disc protrusion depends on many factors such as the location, severity, and nature of the disc protrusion. If a disc protrusion causes compression or irritation to a nerve, this may also change the treatment approach. All treatments are individualised to each unique case. For more information, please contact one of the chiropractors or physiotherapists at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C).

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