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Shoulder and arm conditions

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) our chiropractors use the highest standards in evidence-based treatments for shoulder pain and discomfort.

We treat overuse shoulder injuries, shoulder tendinitis and tendinopathies, shoulder impingement and all forms of mechanical shoulder pain. At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) we are passionate about treating shoulder pain and enhancing shoulder function.


Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition that is complex and the causes not well understood. Frozen shoulder is also caused adhesive capsulitis. There are three phases of frozen shoulder that range in varying degrees of shoulder pain and stiffness.

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Rotator cuff tear

Rotator cuff tear is a common condition that presents to our chiropractors at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C). Chiropractic treatments are important to reduce pain and restore movement and function following a rotator cuff tear. A correct diagnosis is essential to effective treatment and early recovery.

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Biceps tendon tear in shoulder

Biceps tendon tears can be a constant source of annoyance and frustration, as recovery times can be long. Chiropractic treatments are important to reduce pain and recover lost function.

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Chronic shoulder instability

Chronic shoulder instability can be a source of pain and irritation, especially when performing sports and activities that require overhead movements.

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The unstable painful shoulder

The unstable painful shoulder is described as shoulder pain caused by instability and the consequent irritation of shoulder joint structures such as tendons, joints, and ligaments. Having instability in the shoulder can be a major problem for athletes and active individuals, especially if their sporting activity requirements overhead movements.

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The weak painful shoulder

Shoulder weakness and pain is typically caused by muscle or tendon problems in the rotator cuff, biceps or accessory shoulder structures such as bursa. We call these rotator cuff tendinopathy, subacromial pain syndrome (SAPS), or bursitis (bursopathy). An experienced chiropractor will test your shoulder with a range of special orthopaedic tests to discover which structure is causing the weakness and pain.

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The stiff painful shoulder

Shoulder stiffness and pain is commonly caused by frozen shoulder syndrome or shoulder arthritis. The key goal of treatment when looking at a stiff and painful shoulder is to reduce pain and improve mobility and function.

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Shoulder impingement

Shoulder impingement can potentially happen to all of us as we move our arms above our head. This causes compression of our shoulder structures, in the subacromial space, and this can lead to pain and inflammation. Over time this can lead to bursitis, tendinopathy and tendinitis. This is the most common presentation of shoulder pain to a chiropractor.

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Dislocated shoulder

Following dislocation of the shoulder, intensive rehabilitation is important. The main aims of chiropractic after dislocation is to reduce pain and restore function.

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SLAP tears of the shoulder

The biceps tendon attaches to the shoulder at the superior gleniod labrum, a piece of cartilage that makes up the shoulder socket. SLAP tears are caused by the bicep tendon pulling off this cartilage.

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Arthritis of the shoulder

There are different types of arthritis of the shoulder and the most common is the wear and tear arthritis known as osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis or posttraumatic arthritis are also types of arthritis that affect the shoulder.

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Biceps tendinitis of the shoulder

Biceps tendonitis is a troubling injury for anyone it affects. It can occur after an acute injury such as a fall or constant irritation from occupational and sporting stresses.

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