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Cervical degenerative disc disease

Spines problems can come from the process of degeneration that occurs within the intervertebral disc. Like the name implies cervical degenerative disc disease is a condition that involves degeneration of the intervertebral disc in the neck. These intervertebral discs are the shock absorbers of the neck. This process of degenerative disc disease will occur in everyone’s neck to some degree through the ageing process, it is a reality of normal ageing. For some however this process of normal ageing goes beyond what is typical and becomes advanced degeneration.


A common symptom of neck degeneration is pain. Neck pain associated with degenerative disc disease can spread out over both sides of the neck or just one. We can get a combination of discogenic pain (pain from the disc) and pain that occurs as the nerves and spinal cord becomes compressed. This can cause sensory problems, muscle weakness and lasting function loss if it’s not treated early in some cases.


The treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease is determined by many factors such as the location, nature and severity. For more personalised information please contact your chiropractor, physiotherapists or medical doctor.