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Iliotibial band syndrome

The iliotibial band (ITB) runs along the outside of the leg. It is a thick band of connective tissue known as fascia. It starts from around the hip and continues to the top of the outer knee. Many people will complain of tightness along the ITB, particularly runners, gym-goers and sports players.

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) describes the condition where the ITB becomes irritated and inflamed. It is also called runners knee at times, ITB syndrome or iliotibial band friction syndrome.


Causes of ITBS vary from individual to individual and include:

  • Leg length difference.
  • Weak hip muscle.
  • Poor foot biomechanics (e.g. rolls in or flattens).
  • Poor balance and coordination.
  • Poor strength and control of the legs.
  • Running on hills.
  • Overtraining.


Pain around the outside of the knee is the most common symptom. It is typically brought on by walking or running. Runners generally say that the start of the run feels good but pain increases with continued running. If inflamed there may be associated swelling on the outer knee.


There are various treatment options for ITBS. Treatment is based on your individual injury and circumstance. For more information please book a consultation with one of our sports chiropractors.