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Biceps tendonitis

Biceps tendonitis can occur at two locations. At the elbow or at the shoulder. Biceps tendonitis is an injury that causes pain and inflammation to the biceps tendon. People who play a lot of sports or who have labour-intensive occupations such as digging are at risk. The following are common names that may be used interchangeably but are slightly different:

  • Biceps tendonitis – Acute inflammation to the biceps tendon
  • Biceps tendonosis – Degeneration of the biceps tendon – no inflammation
  • Biceps tendinopathy – Condition of the biceps tendon – preferred term


Repetitive activities such as sport, lifting or manual occupations are typically the cause of biceps tendonitis.


Pain and loss of function (weakness) are the main symptoms of bicep tendinitis.


The treatment of bicep tendonitis includes chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments. Rehabilitation exercises to reduce pain and improve strength and function of the elbow are needed.