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Extensor tendonitis

Extensor tendonitis is also called extensor tendinopathy. Extensor tendonitis is the common name for inflammation that occurs on the top of the foot and ankle.


Extensor tendonitis of the foot is typically caused by overuse. Overuse can occur from sudden increases in training or exercising volume or engaging in new activities, that the feet are not ready for.


Pain is the most common symptom of extensor tendonitis. The pain is often felt on the top of the foot during activity, such as running. The pain usually goes away during periods of rest. Swelling in this area is also common. The pain may increase gradually over time.

Treatment of extensor tendonitis

To treat extensor tendonitis, our Balmain chiropractors and physiotherapists recommend:

  • Reducing training load
  • Discontinuing or modifying provocative activities
  • Changing footwear and loosen tight laces to ease the pressure on the top of the foot
  • Change running shoes if needed
  • Early rehabilitation exercises to reduce pain, improve tissue healing and reduce inflammation
  • Strengthening exercises to improve tendon properties, durability and prevent reoccurrence.