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Sport Chiropractors Russell Lea

Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) is a chiropractic centre of excellence specialising in sports chiropractic. We offer the highest standards in sports chiropractic to the community of Russell Lea. Our team of sports chiropractors have been offering the community of Russell Lea high-quality sports chiropractic services for many years. When our Russell Lea sports chiropractors treat someone with a sports injury, their clinical focus will be:

  • To achieve results quickly
  • To offer a range of different treatments that are tailored to patient preferences
  • To offer open and honest advice about someone’s sports injury
  • To give patients self-management exercises that can be done at home
  • To offer the gold standard in sports injury diagnosis, treatments and management

What does a sports chiropractor do?

Sports chiropractic is a speciality of chiropractic. Sports chiropractors concentrate on the:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Management
  • And prevention of sports injuries.

Our Russell Lea sports chiropractors use a patient centred approach to help people recover from sports injuries. This means:

  • We base treatments around your preferences
  • We base treatments on what matters to you
  • We offer you honest advice, clear communication and empathy

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) you are what matters most, and our Russel Lea sports chiropractors are there to help you. Our sports chiropractors practise not only a patient first approach but also an evidence-based approach. This means:

  • We base treatments on your preferences
  • We use our best clinical judgment from years of experience and training
  • We only use techniques supported by research and evidence

Using the gold standard in sports chiropractic is what we do with all patients, every day. We don’t try to offer patients magic bullets or treatments to magically fix their sports injuries. Our Russell Lea sports chiropractors offer sound, logical and research-supported treatments that have been shown to work. Our appointments are:

  • One on one
  • Unrushed
  • Long/adequate time
  • Combine hands on treatments and rehabilitation exercises

Our sports chiropractic passion

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C), we treat sports injuries with the highest standards and professional excellence in sports chiropractic. Our sports chiropractors are passionate about helping the community of Russell Lea recovery from sports injuries one patient and one sports injury at a time. We offer you old fashion service with treatments that are supported by modern research and science. If you are suffering from a sports injury and live in Russel Lea, come in and see one of our sports chiropractors today.