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Shoulder pain explained

The shoulder has a wide and versatile range of motion, when it is restricted from moving freely from an injury or illness this can become very painful and cause a lot of discomfort.

The shoulder explained

The shoulder is made up of three bones, including the collarbone (clavicle), the upper arm bone (humerus) and the shoulder blade (scapula). The head of your upper arm bone fits into a rounded socket in your shoulder blade. To keep your arm centred in your shoulder socket there are a combination of muscles and tendons.

How we treat should pain at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C)

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists use the latest research when diagnosing and treating shoulder pain. At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C), our approach to all conditions, pain and injuries is with a tailored treatment plan. We look at your specific condition or cause of shoulder pain and provide safe and effective treatment to get you pain-free quickly.

What causes shoulder pain?

  • Tendon inflammation
  • Tendon tear
  • Instability
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Sprains and strains
  • Referred pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Pinched nerve
  • Arthritis
  • A broken bone / fracture
  • Many more.

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