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How to find a Sydney chiropractor or physiotherapist

There are millions of people in Australia that suffer from neck and back pain in Australia each year. Many people believe that the only solution for neck and back pain is medication. However, seeing a chiropractor or physiotherapist can result in long-term results, rather than short-term solutions.

What are chiropractors and physiotherapists?

Chiropractors and physiotherapists specialise in issues, diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and spine). Chiropractors and physiotherapists play a critical role in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Chiropractor and physiotherapists can work in a variety of settings such as hospitals and private practice. Our Sydney chiropractors and physiotherapists have worked in both the hospital and private practice setting to treat a variety of sports injuries, muscles injuries, joint injuries, and spine injuries, such as back and neck pain.

Have you been unhappy with a chiropractor or physiotherapist in the past?

Unfortunately, some people have been unhappy with either a chiropractor or physiotherapist that they have been treated by in the past. This shouldn’t stop you from seeking help for your back or neck pain from a new Sydney based chiropractor or physiotherapist. There is a huge number of different ways that both physiotherapists and chiropractors can treat neck and back pain. Here is a list of what we recommend you look for when choosing a practitioner:

  • Find a Sydney chiropractor or physiotherapist who uses evidence-based practise.
    When you find a chiropractor or physiotherapist who uses evidence-based practise there will not be a big difference between them. This is because they are both basing their decisions on the current best available evidence. Don’t get caught up in their professional title, just make sure thier practice is evidence-based.

  • Find a chiropractor or physiotherapists who gives you self-managing strategies.
    A chiropractor and physiotherapists’ main role is to provide you with self-managing strategies for your injury. Self-managing strategies mean that the practitioner will teach you how to fix your own injury or pain. This may be a simple as the chiropractor or physiotherapist giving you information and advice or showing you how to sit properly at your office desk. The Sydney chiropractor or physiotherapist may show you some exercises or give you an exercise program. A chiropractor or physiotherapist shouldn’t make you rely on them, they should give you everything you need to manage the majority of your problem and position themselves to be the helping hand when you need it.

  • Find a chiropractor or physiotherapist who promotes regular exercise.
    Regular exercise is probably our best weapon against spine, muscle and joint problems such as neck and back pain. Your chiropractor or physiotherapist should be promoting this .

  • Find a chiropractor or physiotherapist who treats you with a combination of hands on therapy and rehabilitation exercises.
    A chiropractor or physiotherapist should give you a combination of passive and active treatment when it comes to injuries. Research supports this approach with a tendency to be more favourable towards active treatments, such as exercises. Passive treatments such as mobilisation and manipulation are currently well supported. However, these methods, while credible, are not for everyone, so your Sydney chiropractor or physiotherapist must assess the best treatments for your particular problem.

  • Find a chiropractor or physiotherapist who hasn’t stopped learning.
    Information is constantly changing, treatments evolving and research developing, and no more so than in the healthcare field of chiropractic and physiotherapy. When we look at spine, muscle and joint problems there is constant iterations in the research of what works best. Find a chiropractor or physiotherapist in Sydney that keeps updated with the latest information, as this will ensure you’re getting the best treatments.

  • Find a chiropractor or physiotherapist that offers long appointments that are one-on-one.
    Treating spine, muscle and joints problems takes time. The gold standard of chiropractic and physiotherapy is to test your pain, give a treatment, then retest your pain. In the perfect world, we should see a reduction in pain or an improvement in mechanics (movement) on the retest, though sometimes this is possible and sometimes not. This gold standard approach cannot be done in 5 minutes. If your physiotherapist or chiropractor is treating multiple people at once, not retesting or treats you in only 3 minutes, its probably time to find a new one practitioner.

  • Find a chiropractor or physiotherapist who wants to be part of the solution, not all of it.
    When you are experiencing an injury or pain, you need a practitioner that has your best interest at heart. It’s simply not possible for a chiropractor or physiotherapist to treat all types of injuries and pain. If your chiropractor or physiotherapist knows they are not the best person you should be seeing they should send you to someone else like a GP or other medical provider. If your chiropractor or physiotherapist isn’t being part of a team approach for problem, it’s time to find a new one.

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