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Cervical (neck) pinched nerve

A cervical pinched nerve is just another way of saying someone has a pinched nerve in their neck. A nerve in the neck can become pinched in a variety of ways however the most common ways would be a herniated disc or disc bulge, bone spurs, osteophytes or neck arthritis. In rare cases, bone diseases and tumours can pinch a nerve in the neck. Keep in mind the phrase ‘pinched nerve’ is not medical language but we are using it for its commonality.


Neck pain and discomfort are common. Typically people will describe neck pain that radiates away from the neck and is usually to one side, such as down the arm. Changes in sensation are common and there may be tingling or burning type pain that starts in the neck and extends all the way down to the hand and fingers. Since nerves supply muscles, when a nerve is pinched muscle weakness and loss of function in the upper limb may result. In cases where there is progressive neurological compromise surgery may be indicated.


Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments are useful in the treatment of a pinched nerve. For more information, contact your chiropractor, physiotherapist or medical doctor.