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Low back pain overview

Low back pain is a common condition that we are all likely to get at some point in our lives and is one the most common reasons for a visit to a chiropractor, physiotherapist and GP for a musculoskeletal complaint (muscles and joint problem). In most cases low back pain is not caused by a serious condition however low back pain is a burden and a source of frustration to most it affects. Low back pain now in the top three reasons you will take a sick day from work.

Acute low back pain is low back pain that lasts for less than three months. Chronic low back pain is low back pain that lasts for more than three months. Low back pain can be caused my muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, intervertebral discs (discs), bones (vertebrae) and nerves. In some cases, organs can refer pain to the back and blood vessel problems (aorta) can cause low back pain. It is the job of the chiropractor or physiotherapist to work out if your low back pain is coming from something mechanical or non-mechanical and give the correct recommendations on how to reduce pain, restore function and return you to your pain-free state.

To identify the cause of low back pain we typically will go through the following questions on the initial consultation to successfully identify the cause of pain

  • Medical profile. Here we look at your medical history for conditions or factors that may have contributed to your low back pain
  • Pain profile. We will ask you about the location of your pain, radiation of pain, and factors or activities that increase or reduce your low back pain
  • Joint profile – We will ask questions regarding how your low back moves into different directions such as turning around and picking something up from the ground.
  • Activity profile – We will ask you questions about what activities make the condition worse such as walking, going to the toilet or sitting.

Symptoms of low back pain

People describe the symptoms of low back pain in a variety of ways which can include

  • Dull low back pain
  • sharp low back pain
  • pressure in the low back
  • Low back pain on both sides
  • Low back pain on one side
  • Tingling
  • Pain on the top of the bottom muscles (glutes)
  • Radiating pain into the pelvis
  • Radiating pain into the leg or foot
  • Low back pain worse of walking, sitting or standing
  • A huge variety of other descriptions.

Causes of low back pain

The following conditions are causes of low back pain that our Balmain and Rozelle chiropractors and physiotherapists have written articles on.