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Ingrown toenails

An ingrown toenail occurs when the toenail grows into the side of the toe. It occurs commonly on the big toe. It can be a painful condition that requires treatment.


The most common causes of an ingrown toenail are unsuitable footwear, repeated trauma (running etc.) and poor nail cutting. It is not uncommon in athletes such as cyclists and runners who wear improper footwear.


Ingrown toenails are rather obvious. Pain and tenderness are felt around the toenail and the toe flesh. Redness and swelling will be visible in the area where the nail has grown inwards. If left untreated, a toe infection is possible.


When it comes to ingrown toenails prevention is better than cure. To prevent, cut nails straight across the toenail and not too close to the corners. Do not try to cut out the ingrown toenail. If the toenail is infected, go to your GP or podiatrist for advice. For those with co-morbidities (other problems) such as diabetes, it is essential to have your toe looked at by a GP. Visit our Balmain and Rozelle chiro for more information.