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Tips for lifting

Most of us know of someone or have experienced injury during lifting. To help protect your spine and avoid a painful injury, here are few tips for improved and safer lifting by our chiropractors at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C).

  1. Plan for the lifting. Sum up the object you’re lifting and visual how you will take it to its destination. It only takes a minute to plan the lift but a second to do an injury that may take a considerable time to recover from
  2. Make sure the path is clear. The worst thing that can happen is a trip or fall or running into an obstacle.
  3. A wider stance equals more stability. Get a wide stance (shoulder distance apart) and this will improve the stability through your legs where the majority of the lifting should come from.
  4. Get low, a lower centre of gravity with your knees bent equals more stability.
  5. Grab some help – two people are stronger and see more than one regardless of how strong you are, better to have help than become injured.
  6. Keep the spine straight – move your hips and knees to bend down. You want your spine in neutral because this is where it is safest.
  7. Keep the object close – a load that is close to your body puts less force on the structures of your body. It’s a mechanical advantage to have the object close to your body.
  8. Do not twist your back when you are carrying the load. This can lead to injury so avoid it.