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Best ways to avoid spinal cord injury

There is no absolute measure to avoid a spinal cord injury as most of them occur during unpredictable events or accidental mechanisms. However, common things occur commonly, and drawing from this wisdom there’s a few ways to avoid the most common causes of spinal injury. According to the Mayo Clinic here they are:

  • Drive safely. Car accidents are one of the most common mechanisms of spinal cord injuries. Simply driving safely and not rushing or speeding may be your best bet in limiting the risk of spinal cord injury. Even with good driving safety you cant control other drivers on the road so wear you’re seat belt and make sure your passengers are too. Air bags may also reduce this risk so make sure your car has them.
  • Check water depth before diving in. Never drive into water if you’re not sure how deep it is, even if it looks ok test it anyway. The water should be about 3 metres deep to ensure safety. Never dive into an above ground pool or jump of structures such as fences or rooftops.
  • Prevent falls. If you have to reach for something at a height ensure adequate planning. Hold the handrails when walking up or down stairs. Ensure there are non-slip surfaces on areas prone to becoming wet.
  • Take precautions when playing sports. We have now all seen the movie ‘concussion’, if not then watch it. Don’t lead with your head or be involved in “spearing” during football. Regardless of sport use the safety gear, its there for a reason.
  • Don’t drink and drive. This is the most obvious one. For obvious reasons just don’t do it.

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