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Biceps tendinitis at the shoulder

Biceps tendinitis is inflammation to the long head of the biceps tendon at the shoulder. This may be acute inflammation following a sporting event or an accident such as a fall. Chronic inflammation could develop as a result of repetitive stress and is more likely in activities or sporting evens that require large amounts of overhead movements. Chronic biceps tendinitis is technically known as proximal biceps tendinopathy. This can lead to other conditions such as SLAP lesions or shoulder arthritis or partial and complete biceps tears.

Causes of biceps tendinitis at the shoulder

The vast majority of cases biceps tendinitis at the shoulder is caused by repetitive stress or stain as we age and during sports participation. When the biceps tendon is inflamed it is more likely that the rotator cuff will also be inflamed than not. The main causes apart from simple overuse would be.

  • Shoulder arthritis
  • Chronic shoulder instability
  • Shoulder impingement

Symptoms of biceps tendinitis at the shoulder

In the vast majority of cases shoulder pain is the major symptoms of biceps tendinitis at the shoulder. Other symptoms may include:

  • Pain during overhead activities
  • Pain when holding heavy objects
  • Catching of the shoulder when moving the arm

Treatment of biceps tendinitis at the shoulder

Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) is a shoulder treatment centre of excellence. We are passionate about shoulder treatments, reducing shoulder pain and restoring shoulder function. Your chiropractor or physiotherapist will test and look at how much irritation you have to the biceps tendon and design a rehabilitation program to suit. Our chiropractors and physiotherapist in Balmain and Dee Why use the highest standards in bicep tendinitis and biceps tendinopathy rehabilitation to get you back to your pre-injury life. We use evidence-based techniques that have good data and research to support them so you know you are getting the very best in biceps tendinitis treatment.

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