Cervicalgia Treatments


Cervicalgia is a type of neck pain that persists in the neck and doesn’t travel down to the shoulders or arms. Cervicalgia can be acute or chronic and may be caused by trauma such as a motor vehicle accident, sporting incident or just long-term chronic irritation of the neck joint from sustained postures such as sitting. Cervicalgia is a description of neck pain without being a specific diagnosis.

Symptoms of cervicalgia

Neck pain that is labeled cervicalgia will likely involve neck muscles and joint structures (discs) of the neck. Both may become irritated and cause pain locally at that level in the neck, turning to side to side may become an issues and anti-inflammatory medications seem to offer relief. Typically there is aching, stiffness, tenderness and headaches. Because cervicalgia just means pain in the neck, it does not describe shooting pain into the shoulders or arms, this is called radiculopathy or discogenic radiculopathy.

Treatment of cervicalgia

Cervicalgia responds extremely well to conservative care such as chiropractic and physiotherapy. Treatments work on resorting normal motion to the neck, reducing inflammation and improving function. In some cases anti-inflammatory medications may help control pain and inflammation. Long term the prognosis is very good with neck pain when addressed early. At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) we use the latest treatments based on the latest research and science to ensure you get the very best in neck pain treatments each and every time.