Cervical facet syndrome

Cervical facet syndrome

Neck pain is a huge problem with an estimated 34% of the population experiencing neck pain at some point in their lives and 14% having ongoing chronic neck pain. Cervical facet syndrome is a fancy way to say that someone is experiencing neck pain and this comes from the back (posterior) part of the neck. In the back of the neck there are joints called facet joints. Facet syndrome implies these joints are the source of ongoing pain.


The symptoms of cervical facet syndrome typically involve tenderness at the back of the neck over the facet joints. Pain may also be over the muscles at the back of the neck. Movements that involve compressing the joints such as extension (looking up) and rotation (reversing car) will generally be painful.


Chiropractors and physiotherapists specialise in the non-surgical treatment of neck pain and this includes cervical facet syndrome. The stages of treatment for cervical facet syndrome involve reducing pain and inflammation, improving neck range of motion and strengthening the neck. In most cases chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments will be enough however is some persistent cases of neck facet syndrome an injection may be recommended to help the recovery process.