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Acute Mid Back Pain

Acute mid back pain is not as common as acute neck pain or acute low back pain. When mid back pain occurs, it is uncommon for it to be a serious or life threatening condition. In the vast majority of cases mid back pain is caused by muscles or joints of the spine. Many cases of acute mid back pain occur from strains. Sitting usually causes strains, especially when sitting for long periods with poor posture. Twisting or bending repeatedly is also a common mechanism for joint and muscle irritation in the mid back.

What is acute mid back pain?

Acute mid back pain is defined pain lasting less than three months in the thoracic spine. Acute mid back pain is a vague term and can pertain to many anatomical structures; although, paraspinal muscle strains, spinal joint strains and muscle spasms are the most common causes of acute mid back pain. Sometimes acute mid back pain is referred to as non-specific, or mechanical, thoracic pain. The vast majority of people will make a full recovery from acute mid back pain. If you’re experiencing ongoing mid back pain, seeing a chiropractor to get a diagnosis and strategies to self-manage this condition should be your first step.

Symptoms of acute mid back pain

The symptoms of acute mid back pain can be variable. People can report pain that is sharp, dull, radiating or local. Often people will report the pain to be worse when taking a deep breath (due to the ribs). Stiffness and tightness after long workdays is a common complaint and this is usually relieved by movement and exercising. When pain is associated with trauma such as facet joint sprain, pain is likely to be worse at night and becoming better as the morning and day progresses. A chiropractor must evaluate pain that cannot be changed my movement immediately.

Treatments of acute mid back pain

The treatment of acute mid back pain will depend on the cause or underlying issue. A chiropractor will determine the cause of your pain or classify it according to the way to it behaves or responds to conservative management. Chiropractic management will focus on reducing inflammation and improving the mobility of the spine if movement restrictions exist. It is important to make amendments to sitting posture and occupational activities that promote pain or stiffness in the mid back. At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) we are a mid back pain treatment centre of excellence located in Balmain. Our priority is you: we use treatments supported by current scientific research that are safe, reliable and effective.

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