Spinal neurofibroma

Spinal neurofibroma

Neurofibromas are a benign and slow growing tumor of the outer casing of a nerve. We call this the nerve sheath and this is where the tumour grows. They can grow in any nerve (peripheral nerve) and are common in the spinal nerves. Spinal neurofibromas can be singular or multiple in the nerves they affect, the onset of symptoms may be gradual or sudden. Any damage that a neurofibroma delivers is usually due to the pressure or inflammation that is placed on the nerves tissue surrounding that area.

Symptoms of spinal neurofibromas

Spinal neurofibromas are usually asymptomatic however when they do produce symptoms they are usually sensory changes in the area that the affected nerve supplies. Symptoms may also be pain, numbness and tingling or muscle weakness and depends on the degree and nature of the neurofibroma. 5-10% of neurofibromas may undergo malignant change so should be monitored.

Treatment of spinal neurofibromas

Treatment for spinal neurofibromas is only sort when they become symptomatic since neurofibromas are typically slow growing and usually asymptomatic. If one of our chiropractors or physiotherapists at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) identifies a neurofibroma as the source of symptoms referral and co-management will be given with a neurosurgeon.

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