Lumbar facet joint pain

Lumbar facet joint pain

Facet joints are the parts of the spine that connect and join the vertebrae together. Facet joints support the spine and allow motion and stability. It is common for facet joint to become injured. Facet joint can become injured and be a source of back and neck pain. Facet joint disorders are common and can be caused by degeneration (arthritis), traumatic injuries, sports injuries or overuse conditions.

When we look at why some people get spinal facet joint pain we identify several risk factors such as ageing, traumatic injury and inflammatory arthritis and degeneration (wear and tear). Facet joint disorders appear to be hereditary in some cases. It is important to be examined by a chiropractor or physiotherapist as all too often people move straight to injections (with cortisone etc) and there are often simple treatments that give relief and do not carry the same risk (less invasive).

Symptoms of facet joint pain

Technically facet joint pain and disorders can occur anywhere in the spine however they are more common in the neck and lower back. The most common symptom is neck or lower back pain. Spinal motion is usually limited and there may be some pain referral on one or both sides of the spine. In the low back pain can be concentrated over the spinal joints in the midline (central) and movements such as extension and rotation can intensify symptoms (bending back to pick up something).

Treatment of facet joint pain

The chiropractors and physiotherapists at Sydney Spine and Sports Centres in both Balmain and Dee Why specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of facet joint pain and disorders. We employ evidence-based treatments that are the ‘gold standard’ in non-surgical spinal care. Treatments will likely include a combination of hands on therapy such as massage, spinal mobilisation and manipulation, McKenzie Method, electrotherapy’s and exercises, however every treatment approach is individualised and we create a treatment plan that is appropriate to each individual case.

Other causes of low back pain

The following conditions are common causes of low back pain.