Chronic low back pain

Chronic low back pain

Chronic low back pain implies that you have had your low back pain for longer than 3 months. Chronic low back pain may be caused by a variety of different injuries, diseases and processes. Chronic low back pain is very common and is a significant burden to the individual, community and workplace (absenteeism). Just like acute low back pain, muscles, joints, tendons, intervertebral discs and nerves can cause chronic low back pain. Arthritic conditions are a likely cause of chronic low back pain and through various mechanisms and this may put pressure on various nervous tissue structures such as spinal nerves and the spinal cord itself.

Symptoms of chronic low back pain

The symptoms of chronic low back pain really depend on the cause of the chronic low back pain. For example discogenic pain coming from the intervertebral disc may present with pain worse with some movements such as flexion or looking down and activities such as going to the toilet or coughing however chronic muscle pain will present in a variable pattern with sometimes vague and mixed symptoms and sensitivities in the low back muscles that may exacerbated after repeated contractions of the low back muscles. When the pain is radicular or neurogenic it may travel down the leg into the feet and cause changes in pain, sensation or muscle contractibility all the way down the leg or just to one area such as the calf. Chronic low back pain symptoms need to be assessed by a chiropractor or physiotherapist who understands chronic pain and is experienced in treating chronic low back pain.

Treatments of chronic low back pain

The treatments for chronic low back pain are determined by its cause. The chiropractors and physiotherapists are Sydney Spine and Sports Centre (S3C) have a particular clinical interest in treating chronic and persistent mechanical low back pain. Depending on the diagnosis or classification of the chronic low back pain treatments may include targeted therapies directed at painful muscles, painful intervertebral or facet joints, irritated or inflamed intervertebral discs, nerve pain or mechanical sensitivities in spinal joints structures. Regardless of the cause of chronic low back pain the chiropractor and physiotherapists at our Dee Why and Balmain Spine Centre’s use evidence based treatments in a team approach to ensure you get the very best in chronic low back pain treatment.

Causes of low back pain

The following conditions are common causes of low back pain.