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Lateral ankle sprain

Ankle sprains are the most common injury of the ankle. They can be minor to severe and graded with various methods. Typically they are graded I to III with grade III being the worse.

Causes of lateral ankle sprain

There are various factors and causes of lateral ankle sprains, including:

  • Previous injury
  • Unsuitable footwear
  • Sudden twisting and rolling action of the ankle
  • Poor proprioception

Symptoms of lateral ankle sprain

Symptoms of ankle sprains involve pain, swelling and bruising. Most people will know when, why and how they rolled their ankle, unless it occurred intoxicated or similar. These symptoms may come on instantly or may be experienced in the first 48 hours of the injury occurring. There are three grades for ankle sprains depending on the severity of the case. Your chiropractor or physiotherapist will be able to determine the grade of the sprain through an assessment.

Treatment of lateral ankle sprain

  • Applying P.R.I.C.E (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation) to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Apply a cold pack to the area every hour for 10 minutes then reduce this to 3 – 4 time a day as required
  • Taping the area with a simple taping technique
  • Early exercises to help pain and tissue healing
  • Electrotherapy (ultrasound) or sports massage to help blood flow into the area.
  • Rehabilitation exercises to correct any impairments or problems caused by the lateral ankle sprain
  • Strengthening and sports specific exercises to reduce the risk of recurrence and restore and inprove performance

The chiropractors and physiotherapists at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) Balmain and Dee Why have two key treatment goals when treating a lateral ankle sprain. The first is to reduce pain, and the second is to restore and enhance ankle function. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists use the highest standards in safe, reliable and effective treatments to achieve these goals.