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S3C – Helping you get better

We treat pain and get you moving again

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) we treat spine, sport, muscle and joint injuries using the highest professional standards in chiropractic in physiotherapy. We help you recover from pain following injury and get you back to living your active life.

About S3C

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) we are passionate about helping you fix spine, joint and muscle pain. We are a chiropractic and physiotherapy centre of excellence located between the Sydney suburbs of Balmain and Rozelle. Our focus is to help you reduce your pain as quickly as possible and get you functioning back at your pre-injury state. Our chiropractors and physiotherapist specialise in spinal and musculoskeletal care. This means we use treatments to address conditions of your spine, muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. Some common examples of conditions chiropractors treat are back and neck pain (both acute and chronic), sciatic pain, muscle tension, sprain and strain type injuries, whiplash-associated injuries, slipped disc pain and pain related to arthritis.

All of our treatments are supported by the latest research and are safe, effective and gentle. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists excel in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headaches by using treatment techniques supported by research to reduce pain and improve function. We treat all your joints, muscles, tendons and nerves with a variety of methods including:

  • Joint therapy techniques
  • Low force mobilisations (wiggle)
  • Joint manipulations (crack)
  • Muscle release techniques
  • Massage
  • Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy
  • Taping and bracing
  • Advance dry needling
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrophysical therapies
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Sports chiropractic treatments
  • Physiotherapy treatments
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • McKenzie Method
  • Advice and education
  • Exercises, exercises, exercises

How we like to do things

Creating a place where we can help people get better was and always will be our mission at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C). With this mission the front of our mind, our chiropractors and physiotherapists aim for clinical excellence when it comes to the treatment of spine, sports, muscle and joint injuries. We achieve this by:

A detailed diagnoses

A big part of treating and managing pain is identifying what’s causing it, for this reason, our chiropractors and physiotherapists spend time giving you an accurate diagnosis and a detailed explanation of what is causing your pain or problem.

An evidence-based treatment

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists offer treatments that are based on the latest clinical evidence, research and best practice guidelines. We align this with what we have seen work well for your particular presentation and what your preferences for treatment are. Together we agree on and formulate the best approach to your individual case.

Individualised and personal service

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) we don’t use blanket treatments where everyone gets the same old thing. We formulate specific and individualised treatments to your unique case. We will ask you about your preferences to treatment and tailor something to your needs and wants.

One person at a time

Our S3C chiropractor and physiotherapists will only ever treat one person at a time. We do this so every patient has our full attention and full commitment. We offer long appointments that are unrushed.

Open and honest advice

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) our chiropractors and physiotherapists offer you open and honest advice that is easy to understand and put in simple language. This is in regards to everything from your diagnosis, treatments and recommendations after care. If we don’t think we can help you, we won’t waste your time and drag things out, we will send you to someone else immediately.

Patient centred approach

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) you are our greatest concern. We formulate a treatment approach that has your best interests at heart and we come up with things together, as a team.

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