Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments

Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments

Who is Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C)

Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) is a chiropractic and physiotherapy centre located between the Sydney Suburbs of Balmain and Rozelle. We aim to offer clinical excellence in all we do. Clinical excellence means giving you safe, ethical and effective treatments for spine, sports, muscle and joint problems. It also means taking the time to listen to your needs and expectations with treatments and give you all the best evidence-based options so you can pick the best treatment option for your condition. We use treatments that are gentle for all patients and inform you if anything is going to be uncomfortable, however its rare for something to be uncomfortable. At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) no problem to is too chronic, too large or too hard. We offer second opinions and give you the reassurance when you need it. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists can be a valued fresh pair of eyes look at your spine, muscle or joint problem if you’ve tried other treatments without success.

Its all about getting you better

Getting you better is our chiropractors and physiotherapists greatest clinical focus at Sydney Spine & Sports centre (S3C). We do this by offering you a comprehensive treatment approach. Our Sydney chiropractors and physiotherapists will:

  • Diagnose your problems
  • Treat your problem
  • Give you self-management strategies
  • Aim to exceed your expectations
  • Give you the confidence you need to overcome your injury

The ultimate determinant of successful chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments is the doctor-patient relationship and we take this seriously at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C). Our Sydney chiropractors and physiotherapists offer a friendly treatment environment that is sincere, compassionate and above all genuine. Our chiropractors and physiotherapist do all we can to get you better and give you the quality of treatment you deserve. We offer reassurance and advice throughout the treatment process and well after we have gotten you better.

The highest clinical standards

Our Sydney chiropractors and physiotherapists pursue clinical excellence with each treatment, on each patient, every day. We base treatments of national and international guidelines in the context of both chiropractic and physiotherapy for spine, sports, muscle and joint injuries. We follow an evidence-based model that allows for the most current and safe treatments to be used. Chiropractic and physiotherapy can fix most muscle and joint problems but sometimes surgery and injections can’t be avoided. In these situations our chiropractors and physiotherapists use researched protocols to ensure you are not sent for these invasive procedures too early or too late. In all we do, we aim to get you better, quickly and safely.

More about what we treat

Please have a read through some conditions that are common in the clinic’s. We are constantly updating these, so if your condition is not here please contact us and we will make sure thats the next one we put up.

  1. Ankle and foot pain
  2. Elbow and forearm pain
  3. Head and jaw pain
  4. Hip and groin pain
  5. Intervertebral disc pain
  6. Knee and leg pain
  7. Low back and pelvis pain
  8. Mid and upper back pain
  9. Neck and chest pain
  10. Shoulder and arm pain
  11. Wrist and hand pain

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