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Chiropractic Vs Physiotherapy

Both chiropractors and physiotherapists want to get the human body to function at its best. Both professions are interested in helping people recover from pain and injury. Chiropractic and physiotherapy is not only about pain and injury though, both professions are interested in getting you to function at your peak and this means enhancing the way you move and feel through your normal daily tasks, occupational tasks and sports performance.

Even though both professions specialise in the musculoskeletal system to help improve overall health and well-being, there are subtle differences between the two.

Chiropractor: Chiropractic is a profession concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. This means problems with your spine, nerves, muscle and joints. Chiropractors treat all your muscles and joints, not just the ones located in your spine. Chiropractors use research and evidence-based practice. Chiropractors will generally rely more on hands on treatments such as manipulation.

Physiotherapist: Physiotherapists aim to provide treatment for people with physical problems caused by injury, illness, diseases or ageing. Physiotherapists treat using manipulation, massage techniques, electrical therapies and exercise to reduce pain and restore function. Physiotherapists will generally rely more on exercises to form the basis of treatments.

How do chiropractors and physiotherapists treat?

Chiropractors and physiotherapists use a wide range of treatment techniques to address conditions of muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. These treatments include muscle techniques, joint techniques, rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle, injury and nutritional advice. Chiropractors don’t just ‘crack’ you, this is just one type of treatment a chiropractor may use and is called a manipulation or adjustment. In the same ways physiotherapists don’t just give you exercises or put machines on you, if a physiotherapist needs to massage, manipulate or apply a similar treatment to an injury they will.

What do chiropractors and physiotherapists treat?

Chiropractors and physiotherapists treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. This means chiropractors and physiotherapists treat your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. Some of these may include: back and neck pain, whiplash pain, sciatica type pain, headache and migraine, intervertebral disc injury (slipped disc), sprains and strains and pain related to arthritis.

Summary on chiropractic Vs Physiotherapy

As you can see, these days chiropractic and physiotherapy is very similar in most regards. Historically chiropractors were just about cracking, and physiotherapists were about massage and exercises. These days its important to find the right practitioner for you regardless of what they call themselves. Perhaps an even better option would be to find a practitioner who is both a chiropractor and physiotherapists such as our own Dr Chris Knee.

Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C)

At Sydney Spine & Sports Centre (S3C) we are here to help in your time of need and offer the gold standard in chiropractic and physiotherapy. You can visit one of our chiropractors or physiotherapists for all conditions related to the human musculoskeletal system (spine, muscles, joints). This could be as simple as asking advice on things such as sitting and standing in the office to more complex things, such as strategies to improve the mechanics and movement of a joint or limb. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists in Balmain and Rozelle have a large focus on spine injuries, neck pain, back pain and sports injuries. Our Balmain and Rozelle chiropractors and physiotherapists treat all non-surgical spine, muscle and joint injuries. Non-surgical spine, muscle and joint injuries are all those injuries that are not a surgical emergency. However, if our chiropractors or physiotherapists think you need surgery they will refer you on for a surgical consultation.

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