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Back pain advice – sitting and exercises

In this article, we offer comment on sitting and exercises for back pain.

Sitting and back pain

Have you ever been told to sit up straight because you’ll get back pain? Well, the funny thing is, this is very true. Poor posture can lead to postural syndromes that cause back pain. Sometimes, instead of going to the chiropractor all you need to do is sit up properly. Static postures such as sitting often lead to back pain and maintain it once you have it, even if it was caused by something else. If you sit during the day and have back pain, sitting up properly should be the first thing you do to help alleviate your back pain.

Exercise and back pain

There is no magic exercise or combination of exercises for back pain, it all depends on the initial cause of your back pain, and what impairments (limitations) in back function now exist. Research highlights that people who exercise regularly are less likely to experience back pain. Further, when individuals with back pain exercise more regularly they likely recover more quickly too. Although the research does not find one form of exercise superior to another, it does show that individuals with back pain may find relief from walking, doing ‘core’ exercises, Pilates and even yoga or Tai Chi. Choose something you like and that you will stick to.

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