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Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), or also referred to as chondromalacia patellae, runners knee, patellofemoral joint syndrome and anterior knee pain is a term that is used to describe pain experienced at the front of the knee and around te knee area, such as the knee cap.


A cause of patellofemoral pain syndrome is commonly due to overuse. The syndrome is common for people who do a lot of sports involving running, jumping, squatting and bending of the knee. Other causes include abnormal muscle imbalance and poor mechanical control. Identifying the cause of patellofemoral pain syndrome is important for treatment.


Symptoms of patellofemoral pain syndrome include:

  • Leg length difference
  • Aching in the knee joint
  • Tenderness around the kneecap
  • Swelling after exercise
  • Pain experienced when walking up and down hills or when sitting for a long time
  • Clicking or cracking sound when the knee is bending, which is often picked up by a chiropractor or physiotherapist.


Treatment for patellofemoral pain syndrome is focused on reducing pain, strengthening or re-training muscles and determining the causes. Treatment involves:

  • Applying P.R.I.C.E (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation)
  • Wearing a knee brace, support or taping the are area to prevent it from movement and support the healing process
  • Chiropractic and physiotherapy hands on treatments to reduce inflammation and restore mobility
  • Foam roller exercises: This is effective to help stretch and remove tight knots and lumps in the tendon.

The chiropractor and physiotherapists at Sydney Spine & Sports Centre specialise in patella femoral pain syndrome and its evidence based diagnostic and treatment approaches. Our chiropractor and physiotherapists concentrate on mobility, stability, technique and strengthening exercises to restore working mechanics to the leg and knee.